Gemma Margalef Soldevila

Born in Barcelona, ​​she moved to Milan in 2003. For 15 years she worked in important strategic marketing agencies, where she organized campaigns for large Italian and international brands in the GDO market, studying product dynamics in relation to consumer behavior.

The knowledge of the mass production and distribution systems led her to develop a new consciousness and she decided to take another path, a radically different approach that rejects even an indirect implication in the consumerist mechanism.

In 2018 she created CALIU MILANO and dedicated herself completely to the design of her first collection of lampshades with fully sustainable materials and with a craft production with zero environmental impact. The materials used are completely recyclable.

Caliu is a Catalan word that refers to a particular environment: the warmth of a place where you feel comfortable.
To make this environment unique, customers can choose to personalize their lampshade by combining the shape and color of the yarns to suit the decor and style of their home.


is committed to using reusable, biodegradable, recyclable and non-toxic materials. The lampshades are designed with the long life of the product in mind, making it removable and durable.
The production has a high energy efficiency (reduced energy consumption in the production phases) and a very low environmental impact.

Materials used:
Iron, for the structure of the lampshades. The recycling of iron metals offers considerable advantages both from an ecological and economic point of view. Like all types of waste recycling, it reduces environmental impact and fights pollution. Iron is a 100% recyclable material. It can be recycled countless times without losing any original properties and is therefore the most recycled material in the world.

Wool and Scotland yarn for the surface of the lampshades. Scotland yarn is the most precious cotton yarn, thanks to a double treatment that makes it shinier and silkier. Wool is a natural, sustainable and biodegradable fiber. Both wool and Filo di Scozia are 100% recyclable.