DRESS CODE are the new vase covers made by CALIU MILANO, which allow you to transform a simple plastic bottle into an original object. The colors of the yarns bring out the flowers and create a decorative effect to your furniture.

 Like all Caliu Milano products, these are also unique objects, handmade in Italy and with completely recyclable materials. With DRESS CODE it is possible to reuse 1.5L and 0.5L plastic bottles. 

DRESS CODE are available in the online shop


Reuse a 1.5L or 0.5L plastic bottle.


Cut it about 20 cm from the base.


Fill it with water up to 3 cm from the opening.

Finally, cover the bottle with your DRESS CODE and place the flowers you like best. You can also use DRESS CODE with dried flowers by putting them in the bottle but without the water.