"Caliu is a Catalan word that refers to a particular atmosphere: the warmth of a place where you feel

Gemma Margalef Soldevila

Born in Barcelona, she has lived and worked in Milan since 2003.
She is the founder of CALIU MILANO, designing and creating unique and decorative lamps for any environment.

Gemma's goal is to make any atmosphere unique, so in addition to the collections she creates, everyone can choose the customization of their lampshade to match the decor and style of their home.

The production is handcrafted with zero environmental impact where biodegradable and non-toxic materials such as regenerated cotton from Italian textile companies are used. For the iron structures she designs, she collaborates with the best artisans in Lombardy.

The lampshades are designed with the long life of the product in mind, making them detachable, repairable, durable and have the CE mark and certification.

All Caliu Milano objects are handmade by Gemma in her studio in Milan, where she works on various personal and commissioned projects.